Meditation with Kava 

This meditation is very relaxing as you drink kava and listen to meditative music, Camille does a Shamanic energy clearing on you as well as helps balance your energy system.


Diamond Light Code Activation and Attunement

The diamond light codes are the highest frequencies we can obtain in our human form in this galactic activation/meditation Camille attunes you to these frequencies. 


Reiki Infused Sound Bath Meditation

In this Meditation Steve guides you through a journey using singing bowls and other instruments as he also infuses reiki into his healing meditations.


The Mothers Nest

Nest Night, which is sponsored by The Mothers Nest of Utah, is a once a month peer-to-peer support group for moms in all seasons of life to come together. All moms are welcome, lap babies and nurslings are welcome. This is a judgement free zone to  process and seek healing and to offer support to each other. 


Energy Healing Fair

All the practitioners at Awaken Wellness come together to offer a sample of their services 10 minute sessions.  3 tickets for $33.  You may use two of your tickets for the salt cave.  

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